First Ever Women’s SepakTakraw Nationals

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Ten teams are scheduled to take part in the first ever Women’s Sepaktakraw Nationals to be held on June 22 at the Indoor Sports Stadium of St. Joseph’s College, Colombo 10.

It is a game similar to volleyball but played without the use of hands with a rattan ball.

The Amateur Sepaktakraw Association of Sri Lanka has managed to unearth the talent of both boys and girls from the outstations by conducting training and orientation programmes.

This has been made possible due to the efforts of the President of the Association Nizam Hajireen, a double international in rugby and soccer, M. Jaldin, the Secretary General and T. Zahiran Hajireen, the Chairman Technical Committee assisted by the Coaching Panel staff consisting of D. Soysa, K.K.I. Srimal and Milan Roy.

They have spent their own money to visit Mawanella, Rambukkana, Pinnawela and Tissamaharama to conduct training courses.

The training was done prior to Nizam Hajireen undergoing second surgery on his right knee, the first being the left.

His knees have been damaged extensively due injuries sustained whilst playing rugby, soccer, cricket, hockey, athletics and lately Sepaktakraw for well over a decade for Sri Lanka Police and the country.

The funds for his surgeries had been mainly from his two sons and a batch mate of Hajireen Retd. Senior DIG Gamini Gunawardena, the President’s Fund and a donation from Joseph Aloysius from Norway who represented the First Ceylon Youth soccer team of 1959 for the Asian Youth Soccer Competition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1959.

Presently Hajireen is giving instructions from his sick bed to the Technical Committee of the Association comprising of Gen. Secretary M. Jaldin, T.Z.Hajireen, Rohan Ousmand, Mrs.Zahida Ousmand, Fareen Ghouse, Nimal Guneratne,T.F. Pallie, M. Emran, D. Soysa, K.K.I. Srimal, R. Yunus, Roween Sarap, Bin Sarap, M.A. Amath, Felicia Fernando, Apsara Sujeevani, Inoka and Milan Roy regarding the women’s Sepaktakraw Nationals 2014.